Full Moon o Sagashite: Original Soundtrack Vol.2 (満月をさがして: オリジナルサウンドトラック Vol.2 Furu Mūn o Sagashite: Orijinaru Saundotorakku Vol.2?)

is the second soundtrack based on the anime adapted from Full Moon o Sagashite. This album like the first features THE★SCANTY and Changin' My Life as well as three other artists. It was released on February 13, 2003.


Notable tracks on the album include Full Moon's second opening, "Rock'n Roll Princess", and three ending songs, "Eternal Snow", "Myself", and "Love Chronicle". Some of which are remixed.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer Length
1 "Rock'n Roll Princess" THE★SCANTY 04:08
2 "Mori no! Otomodachi Gekijou" 01:05
3 "Myself" ~Meroko's Vocal Version~ Meroko Yui 02:48
4 "Oshigoto Shimasho♥" 01:15
5 "Chikai" 01:33
6 "Yaminabe Kenzan!" 01:10
7 "Eternal Snow" ~Route:L Version~ Route:L 02:24
8 "Miezaru Mono" 01:13
9 "Tsuki no Keifu" 01:27
10 "Kenkyuu Kikaku ~ Full Moon" 07:35
11 "Shinigami March 2" 01:26
12 "Eternal Snow" ~Diamond Dust Madoka Remix~ Madoka Wakamatsu 01:55
13 "Hidamari no Naka de" 01:26
14 "Mamorubeki Hito" 01:12
15 "Kokoro no Sobani" 01:17
16 "Mero Mero, Mero~n" 01:29
17 "Izumi no Theme" 01:24
18 "Eternal Snow" Changin' My Life 05:19
19 "Wana" 01:33
20 "Eternal Snow" ~Piano Swing Instrumental~ 02:28
21 "Sabaki no Toki" 01:30
22 "Unmei no Hi" 01:19
23 "Original message from Fullmoon" 00:34
24 "Love Chronicle" ~Bright Future Instrumental~ 02:36

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