"I Want to Sing!" (それでも歌いたい Sore Demo Uta Itai?)

is the first episode of the anime adapted from Full Moon o Sagashite.


  • In the manga, Takuto disguised himself as one of the judges at the audition.
  • In the manga, after her talk with Dr. Wakaoji, Mitsuki told her grandmother that she wanted to go to the singing audition. Grandma then ripped up Mitsuki's letter that said that she passed the preliminaries.


  • When Meroko is saying how Takuto belongs to her and not Mitsuki, Meroko's gloves disappear.
  • Takuto's and Meroko's mouths do not move when they shout "Negi Ramen!"


Episodes Next:
"My Promise to Eichi"

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