Meroko Yui (めろこ·ユイ Meroko Yui?)

, known as Moe Rikyo (里匡萌 Rikyō Moe?)

when she was human, is a Shinigami for the Death Pediatrics Ward.



Meroko was born as Moe Rikyo and was friends with Fuzuki during her youth. She considered Fuzuki her best friend. Since Fuzuki was ill, Fuzuki's parents had asked Moe to visit their daughter everyday. So after school everyday, she would visit Fuzuki who was not allowed to go to school. The two met violinist Seijyuro Koga and both fell in love with him. One day, Moe was not allowed to see Fuzuki anymore and was being forced into a marriage with Fuzuki's former fiance Kimiharu. When Moe visits Fuzuki, she finds her kissing Seijyuro. After feeling betrayed by her best friend and defending herself from Kimiharu's advances, Moe decides to commit suicide by slitting her wrists.

As a shinigami, she is paired with Izumi and forms the pair Milmake. Meroko falls deeply in love with Izumi but when she hears that Milmake is to disband as Izumi would be training the newcomer (Takuto). After Meroko tells Izumi to stay with her, Izumi gives Meroko a new costume that is similar to his and tells her to meet him at the Clock Tower in the Central Plaza. When Meroko gets there she finds Boss with the newcomer. There because Meroko showed up, she is told to train the newcomer and thus beginning Negi Ramen.

Physical appearanceEdit

Meroko has long pink hair and magenta eyes (red in the manga). She wears a red magician hat with white bunny ears, a red crop tube top paired with a red mini-skirt, white thigh-length socks, large boots, and a pair of red gloves. In the manga, the magician hat, tube top, mini-skirt, and gloves are all black. She also has small angelic white wings. When she is in her bunny form she looks like a bunny plushie.

Personality and traitsEdit

Meroko is a very cheerful girl, always talking aloud and laughing. She seems to be calm, mature and a bit collective even though sometimes, she can be extremely annoyed with her partner's childish behavior. Meroko is also kind and caring to those important for her. Meroko, despite her attempt to act tough, can be fragile just like an ordinary girl.

Meroko often shows a strong feeling for Takuto, and she often tells him that she loves him. But as the story progress further, it was revealed that she isn't in love with him that way. Instead, the one that she loves is no other than her shinigami co-worker, Izumi. It was later shown that the two of them has had an affair even before Takuto joins the shinigami unit. Though in the anime, Meroko truly does and falls in love with Takuto.




Bonus StoriesEdit


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