Sōichirō Shidō (紫堂 総一郎 Shidō Sōichirō?)

, better known as Nachi (那智?)

, is a character who appeared only in the manga.


Soichiro changed his name to Nachi after getting plastic surgery because he was tired of being called "Cheesy" by Madoka. (Vol. 6 - Bonus Story) He was knifed shortly after the incident when Ms. Oshige opened one of Mitsuki's birthday presents. (Vol. 5 - Ch. 21) In the seventh volume, Nachi and Madoka can be seen on a balcony watching Mitsuki's performance. He is also a servant of a prince.


  • Whenever he appeared, almost all the fan letters and emails to the Ribon website went to were for Nachi.



Bonus StoryEdit

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