Takuto Kira (吉良 托人 Takuto Kira?)

is a Shinigami, who works for the Death Pediatrics Ward.


Human lifeEdit

When Takuto was human, he was an orphan. He debuted at the age of 12 and was the lead vocalist for Route:L, along with Keiichi Wakaoji and Aoi Koga, for two years. He had a tumor in his throat, like Mitsuki, and when Wakaoji became a doctor and cured him, he lost his voice. He then committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of the hospital in the manga. In the anime, it was a motorbike accident.

Shinigami lifeEdit

Physical appearanceEdit

Takuto has black hair which is tied back in a short ponytail and navy blue eyes. In his Shinigami clothes he is seen in a short shirt with long sleeves, a blue hoodie with a swirl on it, a backpack that has his wings on it, blue jeans and a belt, white gloves with blue stripes at the end with a picture of his cat form on them, and a cat hat. He can also be seen wearing casual clothing. When he is in his cat form he looks like a cat plushie.

Personality and traitsEdit

Takuto has a tsundere personality. He usually shows his Tsun-side. Takuto seems to get confused whenever Meroko talks about him getting jealous over other guys. In the anime, he was more passive around Mitsuki when confessing to her. In the manga he was more aggressive when confessing his feelings. For example, he pins her on the bed saying he won't let anyone have her. Also, in the manga, he was more cunning.


Mitsuki KoyamaEdit

Mitsuki was the girl he was assigned to collect her soul. However, Takuto finds himself falling in love with her. He shares his feelings with her, only to be rejected. Later on, though, she reciprocates his love and they become a couple at the end of the manga.

In the anime, Takuto saves her from a man who was about to kiss her. He also kisses her twice. The first was for CPR when Mitsuki collapsed while she was running to an audition. The second time was when Takuto is reluctant to drink from the flower of forgetfulness, so he and Mitsuki kiss and he consents to drinking from the flower of forgetfulness.

Meroko YuiEdit

Meroko was his partner as a Shinigami and a lifetime friend who has an unrequited infatuation with him. In the anime, she is more passive; however, it depicts her love for Takuto as being much deeper and more permanent than the manga. She says she is in love with him, but by the end of the manga she has fallen in love with her new/old partner Izumi because Takuto is in love with Mitsuki. Though Meroko always liked Izumi and had pretended to like Takuto because she wanted to get Izumi's attention.




Bonus StoriesEdit


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